What is the TPS & CTPS?


The TPS is the Telephone Preference Service. It is a central register of individuals who have opted out of receiving live marketing calls. The TPS also covers sole traders and some partnerships.

You can also make live calls without consent to a number if it is not listed on the TPS – but only if that person hasn’t objected to your calls in the past and you are not marketing claims management services.

For more information please visit the ICO website.


The CTPS is the Corporate TPS. It works in the same way as the TPS, but for companies and other corporate bodies (limited liability partnerships, Scottish partnerships and government bodies).

You can make live calls to any business number that is not registered on the TPS or the CTPS, but only if they haven’t objected to your calls in the past and you are not marketing claims management services.

24th July 2024 : Telephone Numbers on TPS 16,789,752 | CTPS 1,312,294


tpsmydata offers a quick and cost effective service to screen telephone numbers against the TPS & CTPS registers

The system is updated daily and can process data in a matter of minutes.

tpsmydata offer both a batch processing facility and API option to enable easy integration to CRM and contact centre systems.


Avoid the risk of fines of up to £500k from the ICO and associated reputational damage.

Cost Effective

tpsmydata offers highly competitive rates to check telephone numbers against both the TPS & CTPS.

Updated Daily

We download the TPS & CTPS on a daily basis to ensure tpsmydata is fully up to date.

Let's get started

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TPS & CTPS checks

We check against both TPS & CTPS registers at no extra cost

Number Intelligence

We return line type, original carrier
and location information


Process millions of numbers per hour


We offer comprehensive support
via web chat, telephone and email

Easy to Use

User friendly system


tpsmydata is fully secure
and operates over SSL

IMPORTANT To remain legally compliant you should re-screen your working call lists every 28 days against the TPS & CTPS registers.


We offer a variety of ways to access the benefits of the tpsmydata service.

If you have an existing database that needs tidying up then the batch processing tool can check your telephone numbers in minutes.

For clients that wish to integrate the service into web forms or in-house systems the the API offers an easy to implement solution.

We can also tailor our services to our clients' needs, offering a fully managed concierge service to those who would prefer some hands-on assistance.

Web Portal

Our easy to use web portal allows you to process large databases in minutes. Upload your file (Excel/CSV) from your own computer anytime you wish.


Integrate our API into your application or website. Perfect for CRM & contact centre applications.


Let us take the load. Simply send us your database and we'll process your file and report results within 24 hours.


We accept payment by debit, credit card or bank transfer. Credits are automatically added to an account when paid via our online payment provider.

All costs exclude VAT and a minimum charge of £5.00+vat applies.

Key Features

  • TPS & CTPS checks included
  • List checking or API
  • Credits to not expire
  • UK Support

Unlimited TPS Checking

We can offer monthly unlimited* accounts for just £99+vat per month - please contact us to find out more.

*subject to our generous fair use policy - please refer to our terms & conditions

Credits Cost Cost per K Cost per number
1000 £5.00 £5.00 £0.005
5,000 £20.00 £4.00 £0.004
10,000 £30.00 £3.00 £0.003
50,000 £100.00 £2.00 £0.002
100,000 £150.00 £1.50 £0.0015
500,000 £500.00 £1.00 £0.001
1,000,000 £600.00 £0.60 £0.0006
5,000,000 £1500.00 £0.30 £0.0003
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