Frequently asked questions

So, what is the TPS?

The TPS is the Telephone Preference Service. It’s the UK’s official ‘Do not call’ register, detailing individuals who have opted out of receiving direct marketing calls. The TPS also covers sole traders and some partnerships.

What is the difference between the TPS and CTPS?

The CTPS works in exactly the same way as the TPS but applies to companies and other corporate bodies including limited liability partnerships, Scottish partnerships and government bodies.

Can I make direct marketing calls to numbers not on the TPS or CTPS?

You can make live marketing calls without consent to a number that is not listed on the TPS or CTPS – but only if that person hasn’t objected to your calls in the past or opted out of receiving marketing calls from you. You can’t make calls if you are marketing claims management services.

Why should I use the TPS and CTPS?

Companies that make live marketing calls are legally obliged to use the TPS and CTPS. The Privacy and Electronic (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 determine that you cannot make unsolicited marketing calls to a number that is registered with the TPS or CTPS. In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) enforces this law and can issue fines up to £500,000 for breaches.

Which register should I screen my data against?

The choice of register you check your data against will depend on your intended audience but we recommend doing both. tpsmydata checks both the TPS and CTPS registers at no extra cost.

Can I just screen the data once?

There’s a misconception that you just need to screen your data once and then you’re good to go. This isn’t the case and you need to regularly check your data lists against the TPS/CTPS registers. If you use a list to make direct marketing calls you must screen the data at least once every 28 days to ensure compliance.

Does the TPS/CTPS include mobile numbers?

Yes, the TPS and CTPS contains mobile (starting 07xxx) and landline numbers (01xxx, 02xxx, 03xxx & 08xxx).

How do I screen my data against the TPS and CTPS?

All the information you need to learn how to screen your data list against the Telephone Preference Service and Corporate Telephone Service registers is included on our help page. For more information please telephone us on 01442 590800.

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