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Covid-19 has undoubtedly had a devastating impact on charities and their ability to raise funds over the past year. In fact, in February, a survey* organised by the NCVO that champions the voluntary sector, determined that over three-quarters of the charities taking part in the study expected covid-19 to have a negative impact on delivering their objectives this year. Sadly, as many as 11% of the respondents said it was likely that they wouldn’t be operating next year due to a lack of funding.

Fundraising efforts have been hampered significantly since March 2020 with all the usual charity events and initiatives being cancelled. It’s understood that the pandemic has so far caused an estimated £10bn funding gap and yet the sector faces record levels of demand. The increased demand for services and additional strain on finances means there is a lot of pressure on charities right now to revitalise old and find new fundraising streams.

tpsmydata wanted to do something to support the sector during this challenging time. So, for UK registered charities that use telemarketing as part of their fundraising efforts, we are offering them the option to use our service completely free of charge*** for the remainder of the calendar year. Our telephone number checking service enables fundraising teams that target both corporates and individuals to clean their data lists. The service checks the contact numbers they hold against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) registers, which is a legal requirement. We’re hoping that offering this free of charge, goes some way to reduce the costs involved in their telemarketing fundraising activity.

tpsmydata will enable charities to check up to 100,000 numbers free of charge with no obligations or commitment to use the service after the end of the calendar year.

To take advantage of free tpsmydata credits for your charity please complete the application form below and we will contact you directly with your unique single-use registration link.

* Source:

** Source: Pro Bono Economics

***In addition to our standard Terms and Conditions the following offer conditions apply –

  • Only for use by UK registered charities.
  • 100,000 credits will be awarded per charity and will expire on 31st December 2021.
  • tpsmydata reserves the right to check charity status before supplying credits.